About Christine

Currently a Product Manager at LinkedIn, I was previously a Program Manager at Microsoft involved in Windows 7, Windows Azure Online Backup and Windows Intune (Cloud service for PC/device management and security). I was fortunate to have earned degrees from both Wharton (MBA) and Carnegie Mellon University (BS Computer Science) where I’ve met many amazing and talented people.

Fun facts:

  • I’ve lived in 7 cities and 4 countries in the last 10 years
  • I love to eat, cook and apparently possess a radar for gelato.
  • I love theme parks and have been to all 5 Disney locations in the world.

You can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn, or email me at christine [at] this domain.

One thought on “About Christine

  1. Greg Buechler

    Hi Christine – I’m looking for a Product Marketing person for us here at eGain. Tech undergrad + MBA is pretty much spot on. Have you landed a role yet?

    925-968-1737 (office)
    925-48709739 (cell)


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